About me


Visionary, experience and strong relationship seeker, trust people worthy of trust, react t immediately to events , very mobile in adaptong to the world around me, do not go beyond the boundaries with people who are not resolute and defined . Resolve problems  thanks to the logic and extensive knowledge, I love to help, philosophize and act. I can surprise positively with enormous amounts of energy and transfer it to the reality that surrounds me.

name Andrzej Grzegorz Borkowski
birthday April 30, 1986
quotation whatever your dream, keep walking !
gsm +48 606242046
family city Wolin (Poland, Zachodniopomorskie)
current city Poznań (Poland, Wielkopolskie)

Founder and volunteer in the foundation of “The Last Cruise” [pl]


I love to analyze, adapt and implement new technologies in the field of programming (php …) databases (sql, db couch …) networking (LAN, WLAN, optical) and administration (linux virtualization + (svn, httpd) …

Fanatic of project work, analysis and search of new technologies to solve existing and future problems, endless desire of testing, optimization and implementation of new solutions. Interpersonal skills, personality identification, negotiation (teamwork), the valuation of the project (time, cost), good cooperation with traders and account managers.

I use tools to time management of my and my team work,  project budgeting, execution analysis. Business analytics – developed on the basis of experience in dealing, from ministerial projects (poor knowledge of it) to cooperate with agencies and experts in the field of it.

Large implementing capacity in the field of  IT where I have a little support of work experience JAVA, C,. NET (courses, Microsoft awards)

Awards, certificates, recommendations