Announced: Biosensor recognize shoots to man body, need help

Hello im Andrew (Andrzej Grzegorz Borkowski) from Poland

I found some publications about biosensor, I’m interested in this because i want to research sensor witch can recognize shots to man’s body.

I have 2 ideas about that :

1. Underwear with haptic material but i don’t find any good material to integrate with clothes

2. Biosensor which monitor muscle’s neural impulse… (I think that this is more usable )

For 2. plan I found good motherboard UCAM-WSB100,

I think that when the bullet touches human body, skin produces small energy impuls, am I right ?

I needs only biosensor which can check this parameters. I think that those parameters must be parse by AI algorithm to recognize shoots of bullet or touch of something else.

I want to check shot of fire gun, paintball bullet and any other types bullets.

As a first step I create website and API to recive information from sensor AccessPoint (yes i’m webdeveloper and i can do that ;P)

API REST or FB Graph in MVC + oAuth on lithium php framework

But (still those buts) i have a little knowledge about electrician. I study that in free time but i’m pretty sure that i need help of a very good bio electrican guru so if you are interested in this project and u want to help me please contact me by @,gmail,skype or fb …